Now McAfee Cloud Workload Security Supports the Containers, Quickest Growing Deployment Model for Cloud Application

According to a report released,  McAfee is Navigating a Cloudy Sky, containers that have been grown faster and it is very popular over the past few years. In a recent survey, approximately 80 percent of the users are using or experimenting with the container cloud applications. However, 66 percent of the organizations have their policy to apply security to the containers. While this is a significant lapse in security coverage, most of the users also recognized the application and all are planning to build up a security strategy in the upcoming year.

As we know that containers are well known for the cloud applications so by assessing the shared security responsibility model placed out by the cloud providers, that is available for the native controls, and some interconnectivity with the production workloads and by the data stores which  help in building up a strong foundation for the secure container cloud application initiative.

Containers have turned into the developers’ ideal deployment model for the modern containers cloud applications. That helps the organizations in the innovation and by differentiating themselves in the marketplace. So the release of McAfee Cloud Workload Security v5.1, which will be launched and available on and after Q2 2018. This Cloud Workload Security identifies and secures the Docker containers, workloads and private and public servers cloud environments.

McAfee Cloud Workloads Security  v5.1 isolates the infected workloads and Dockers Containers with one single click and by also reduces the misconfiguration risk and increasing the primary remediation efficiency by nearly up to 90 percent. As the Enterprises rotate to the cloud to convert themselves into digital businesses and enlarge the compelling experiences for their customers.

Rajiv Gupta, a senior vice president of the cloud security business unit of McAfee said, that even often to neglect the security challenges that are involved in adopting a multi-cloud or hybrid-cloud environment. McAfee Cloud Workload Security allow the organizations to secure the cloud workloads and containers across the AWS, Azure, VMware, and their private cloud, and some of the addressing key security, some compliances and governance requirements that can easily accelerate their business in the cloud.

One of the newly released McAfee Cloud Workload Security can now able to recognize Docker containers within five minutes from their deployment and it will quickly secure them by using a micro- and nano-segmentation. Some of the new features of the McAfee Cloud Workload Security  includes:

  • The ability to use some micro-segmentation to isolate the workloads or containers of concern with an only single click, and it will quickly bounding the perspective for the threat to move within the environment and reducing the risk of incorrectly configuring resources.
  • This will also give the administrators, skills to manage the configuration of native security groups through the McAfee CWS console.
  • Some Discovery of Docker containers using Kubernetes, one of the popular open source platform which is used to manage containers workloads and services, and also enabling the McAfee customers to outlook and manages the containers within the McAfee ePolicy.
  • They also enhanced the threat monitoring and detection with AWS GuardDuty alerts which is available directly within the Cloud Workloads Security
  • Some of the Compliance assessments to audit internal or standardized policies are allowing simple remediation for administrators.

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