How to Find Missing or Invisible Clock in Windows 10

With Windows 10 updates, some of the users have reported that the clock in the system has gone missing and they do not know how to find it. The incompatibility of the older and newer software components is a significant reason behind the problem. But the problem of missing or invisible clock in Windows 10 can be fixed by following some simple and straightforward methods mentioned in the guide below. So let’s see all the various methods for resolving the missing clock in Window 10.

Here is how to find the missing or invisible clock in Windows 10

Disable Custom Theme

The most probable reason for Invisible or missing Clock in Windows is the incompatible theme. In that case, you need to switch to the default themes.

  1. Right click on Desktop and the drop-down menu.
  2. Click the Personalize option.
  3. Go to the left panel of the window and select the Themes.
  4. Click Windows 10 as your theme.
  5. There you can delete the custom themes.
  6. Now the Windows Clock problem must be fixed.

Edit the Existing Themes

There is a way to preserve the existing themes,  but the method is a little tricky. Editing the existing theme will take time and might confuse while in middle of the process. If you want to begin the method, then the first thing you must do it to save the existing theme if you haven’t already.

  1. Right click on the desktop and open the menu.
  2. Click Personalize and go to the left pane of the window.
  3. Click Themes and proceed to Save Theme option. It will save the theme which you name it.
  4. Open the Windows Explorer and double click on C: Drive.
  5. Go to the Users folder and open UserName folder.
  6. Click to open the AppData and proceed to Local.
  7. Go to the Microsoft folder and open Windows folder.
  8. Now, open the Themes folder and find a file which you named recently.
  9. Now right click on the file.
  10. Select notepad to open it with.
  11. Find the line saying – Path=%SystemRoot%\resources\themes\Aero\AeroLite.msstyles
  12. Change this line to – Path=%SystemRoot%\resources\themes\Aero\Aero.msstyles
  13. Save the file and rename it.
  14. Open Themes and select the newly created theme.
  15. Now the problem of missing or invisible clock should be resolved.

Disable Small Taskbar Icons

Disabling the Small Taskbar icons is one solution which is used in most to solve the missing clock problem. Since you are facing the invisible clock problem in your computer running on Windows, you must try to disable small taskbar icon in your system.

  1. Open the Settings on your computer.
  2. Click the Personalization button.
  3. Select Taskbar and find the Use small taskbar button option.
  4. Now, click to toggle off the button.
  5. This solution should work temporarily to solve the issues of the invisible clock in Windows 10.

The Windows 10 must have been facing the invisible or missing clock problem, but the methods mentioned above are efficient to resolve the issue. Now you must be seeing the clock on your computer as you have successfully fixed the invisible clock problem in your computer running on Windows 10 operating system.

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