How to Fetch Spotify Playlist to YouTube

Switching to YouTube Music may take time since you will need to create a new playlist. Do you know that you can transfer your Spotify playlist to your YouTube Music? You must be amazed to know about this possibility and might want to try it. If you have switched from Spotify Music to YouTube Music, but don’t want to your favorite songs on Spotify, then you can try these methods to transfer the Spotify Playlist to YouTube. The process might take some time, but it will completely let you transfer the playlist.

Here’s how to Fetch Spotify Playlist to YouTube

The Playlist Buddy

The Playlist Buddy is very easy to handle and transfer the file from Spotify to YouTube. Playlist Buddy doesn’t waste time and sends the playlist instantly, but there is a limitation. It only allows transferring up to 300 songs in a single playlist, and also you can transfer the playlist only one by one.

  1. Before that, you need to sign into your Spotify.
  2. Once you access your Spotify account, you will see the playlist you have created earlier in the account.
  3. Select the playlist which you want to convert.
  4. Click to Convert Playlist to YouTube.
  5. Now you will be prompted to enter the credentials for your YouTube account.
  6. Enter the credentials, and the list will automatically be transferred.

If Playlist Buddy didn’t transfer a selected track, it would notify you about it. But it will not inform which song is missing. Here you will need to check the song manually.


The PlaylistConverter will also allow you to transfer the playlist one by one, but it doesn’t have the limitation on the number of tracks. It is also the easy platform to transfer the file, but it will take a few moments to complete the transfer.

  1. Open Spotify and log into your account.
  2. As the platform is allowing the transfer one playlist at a time, you will need to pick one playlist from the list.
  3. Now click Convert to YouTube, and you will see the option to enter the name of the playlist.
  4. Open and log into the YouTube account.
  5. PlaylistConverter will convert the process.
  6. Once it is complete, click the Now export to your YouTube account option.
  7. Now the playlist will transfer to YouTube music, and you can see the progress of the whole procedure.


TuneMyMusic is a free service facilitating to transfer the Spotify Playlist to YouTube. It is also not a complicated platform to transfer the playlist, but if the Google didn’t put a limitation to transfer the ten playlists per day, then TuneMyMusic allows the transfer of all them in one go.

  1. Open Spotify and choose the link of the playlist.
  2. Paste the URL address. You can also click the Load from Spotify to select multiple lists.
  3. Now, set YouTube as the destination and click Start Moving My Music.
  4. TuneMyMusic will show the status of the process for the transferred songs.
  5. It will also show the songs which failed to transfer.

These are the platforms which you can refer to transfer the Spotify playlist to YouTube with some simple steps. As you can see the steps are not complicated, these services are fantastic to prepare the musical experience on YouTube.

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