How to Clear MacBook Pro

Personal Computer like MacBook Pro is designed to work well. But it is also true that the best things even break down and doesn’t bring the desired results. Mac systems also face problems with virus invasion or corrupt files in the Operating System. In that case, the system needs a hard reset, or in the worse case, the system is required to format. The guide will explain the proper methods with steps in the description to help you in clearing up the MacBook Pro systems.

Here are the methods to clear MacBook Pro

Erase Drive and Install OS X

Depending upon the versions of the operating system, the procedure of formatting the MacBook Pro will vary.

  1. Turn on Mac system.
  2. When you hear the startup tone, immediately press the Command + Options + R key sequence.
  3. Wait until the Apple logo appears.
  4. The formatting and Recovery options will appear on the screen.
  5. Release the key combination and select the type of internet connection.
  6. The internet connection is necessary to format and reinstall the operating system in MacBook Pro.
  7. Now move to Recovery Menu and proceed to click Disk Utility.
  8. A new window will appear on the screen.
  9. Select the Continue option.
  10. Go to the Disk Utility tool and click Startup Disk.
  11. Click the Erase tab from upper button options.
  12. Click the drop-down arrow in the Format section.
  13. Select and click on the Mac OS Extended (Journaled) option from the drop-down menu.
  14. In the Name section, you can give the name of the disk. It will perform the formatting to erase the disk.
  15. Close the Utility Disk and select Reinstall OS X from the recovery menu.
  16. Click to continue and progress towards formatting.

Recovering Backup from Time Machine

This method is applicable only when you have backed up the MacBook system with Time Machine.

  1. Turn on your Mac system and wait until you hear the startup tone.
  2. Press Command + Option + R combination.
  3. The Apple icon will appear on the screen.
  4. Choose the type of Internet Connection.
  5. Select the Restore from Time Machine Backup option and Continue.
  6. Click the Time Machine backup disk and select the Time Machine backup.
  7. This method helps you to reinstall the OS X with personal documents.
  8. Click Continue and follow the instruction from the screen.
  9. The operating system will take a little bit of time to format the MacBook Pro and reinstallation of OS X.

Reinstalling OS X from Recovery

While turning on your system, press the Command + Options + R key immediately when you hear the startup tone.

  1. Wait until the Apple logo appears.
  2. Release the Keys when a window displays the internet options.
  3. Select the type of internet connection.
  4. Now, go to the Recovery menu and click to open it.
  5. Click the Reinstall OS X and proceed to click Continue.

While following any of these methods, you will need to follow the instruction from the screen while reinstalling OS X on your MacBook Pro system. With those instructions, you can choose the settings according to your wish, for example selecting the destination for installation of OS X in your system.

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