How Hackers Hack Bank Accounts and Personal Information?

Nowadays, almost everyone uses the internet for paying bills, book reservations, and tickets, for purchase items, or for simply transfer money. All the online transaction or booking or purchasing involve with the monetary value, that means the user’s customer was using or sharing their bank account information, credit or debit card number for payment purpose, or by the user option of net banking transactions. Most of the banks including all private banks use the concept of  SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) connection and at least 128 to 256-bit encryption for online net banking and for the transaction purposes.

Bank also provides the additional layer of securities that companies are initiated is known by the name as “transaction PIN layer”. That means that for each and every type of online transaction you required to enter your password and that during continue the transactions you need to enter a PIN, and a password between 4 to 8 characters in length and these credentials are provided by the bank to their every customer. Thus, banks perform a lot of efforts in protecting your credentials from the world or thieves that might wish to access your personal bank account information.

Below some of the examples are given to describe you how powerful the encryption method is. These examples are really helpful in securing your bank account data secure.

  1. 40-bit encryption refers to “2^40” probable keys that could fit into the lock system that seizes your account information up to the bank. This means there is a number of possible keys that even you can not count. The only point which is left now is a dictionary and rainbow attack. But it’s not only the security measure that banks need to use for securing the information of their customers.
  2. 128-bit encryption refers to “2^88” times, many of the key combinations that are really possible for 40-bit This means a system would require exponentially need more processing power and time than a 40-bit encryption to find the correct key of any account details.

The above-mentioned examples are a very powerful method of encrypting data that is sent from your machine to the bank’s machine. But it’s all are useless if your system has been hacked by the hackers. But need not to worry this above given methods will protecting your system from the hackers

Now, we are discussing how all the security encryption can go around and your system can be compromised online by hackers. There is a number of methods for developing such account information. Below we describe the details hacking, how hackers use different techniques to hack your account.

  • Phishing
  • Trojans
  • Session Hijacking

1- Phishing

Phishing is a technique that is used to hack password and login details of a website or bank accounts. The Phish pages are mostly fake pages that look similar to the original web pages. The only difference between Phish pages and the original page is the address bar link given in the search engine URL and redirection post. Check the address bar URL to identify the fake page or Phish page. It will display a different URL than the original URL. We recommend every user of the internet that install a web security software in your browser (like McAfee, Norton, AVG web antivirus security software) to identify the phishing automatically, and it also prevents the web browser for visiting on the Phishing pages.

2- Trojans

Trojans are a kind of viruses that steal your personal information or bank account details. It arises in many types like keyloggers or RATs (remote administration tools). A keylogger monitors all keys that you have pressed on your keyboard and stores that in your log and then sends the details to the hackers. And RATs are an advanced form of the keylogger that remotely monitors all your activities and sends all your information related to a bank account or personal information. To protect your system from the hackers you need to install the antivirus security software on your system. The best-known antivirus security software is McAfee, Norton, AVG. These antiviruses are well known for their enhanced features and services.

we tried our best to provide you every information related to hackers hack bank accounts and personal information and how you can protect your account. So, for protecting your system from these viruses will also help you in protecting your bank account and personal details.

And if you need to install the best antivirus in your system. So we above describe the details of antivirus which are very known for their services and enhanced features. And the experts and technicians are available to help you 24*7. If you need to install any of the given antiviruses then you may have to visit the below-given Activation URL, as per the brand of your choice.

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