Here is what you should do to celebrate Safer Internet Day

When Tim Berners Lee invented the web, he didn’t realize how much of a technological revolution it would cause. The Internet is a wondrous invention which has changed the world in more ways than anyone can imagine. However, not all of these ways have been positive. With the internet, we can connect to people efficiently, find things quickly, and transfer data and information at lightning speed. These real benefits of communication have the potential to become the curse of safety.

A lot of information about our personal lives gets transmitted over the web. Safer Internet Day reminds us to safeguard ourselves from the perils of the Internet and to make the Internet a safe space for everybody. In 2010, the US Department of Homeland Security and the European Commission decided to do something to make the internet safer for the youth. Safe Internet Day has existed officially ever since. If you are a website owner, then you must take the security of your website and visitors seriously. Here are some steps you can take to the celebration of Safer Internet Day

  1. When you are asking for data, add an SSL certificate

SSL is a way of encrypting data which is sent from websites to databases and servers. IT is used for protecting confidential information like the login details, credit card details, and other private information which you may be requesting from your users and customers. There are a number of SSL certificate vendors. If your website asks for sensitive visitor data, then you should get an SSL certificate.

  1. Monitor yourself actively

Each day new vulnerabilities are being discovered. With the high number of vulnerabilities present, ranging from the super common ones like SQL injections and cross-site scripting to the ones that were discovered just a day before. Since new vulnerabilities pop up from time to time, it is vital to test your website against the vulnerabilities continually. Keeping up with all the latest vulnerabilities is not feasible when you have to run a business. To save time and effort, you should buy a vulnerability scan. This tool helps you in detecting the vulnerabilities, and then it tells you how you can fix them. While purchasing a vulnerability scan, ensure that you buy one from a reputed brand like McAfee. McAfee has all the resources needed to maintain an extensive updated vulnerabilities database. For more information about McAfee product visit

  1. Back it up

Bad things may happen even after you have done your level best to make sure that your website is safe and secure. Software updates can make the website vulnerable. New codes expose the website to specific threats. One of the most important things to do at this point is to fix the issue and move on.

You might assume that your web host is making a back up of all the files of your website, but in reality, many of the web hosts are not obligated to do it. Therefore, if you lose your website, it is not the responsibility of the web host to retrieve a copy of the files.

  1. Put your reputation on display

Users of the internet wish to engage with reputed and trustworthy sites which are safe. Therefore if you are taking all the essential and adequate measures to protect and safeguard your website and your visitors, then you must show it off. You can do this by displaying a security seal on your websites. This will let the website visitors know that your site has been scanned and is safe. Security products of McAfee will even display the security status of your website in web browser search results. This helps to increase your website traffic because the visitors know that your site is safe before they even visit it.

On Safer Internet Day you should aim towards expanding your online safety portfolio. You must know how to handle cases of cyberbullying and data breach. Ensure that the identity of the website visitors is protected robustly. McAfee antivirus is a one-stop security solution for all. If you have a McAfee product key then for activation visit

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