Fortnite: Suppressed Sniper Rifle Confirmed

Fortnite is turning out to be one of the most famous games around the globe. It has been recently picking up a trend of introducing weekly challenge series which requires players to complete the daily task to receive one time reward.

But with increasing demand and introduction of a vast new user base since New Year, Fortnite is planning to introduce new in-game content for players to make the game interactions much more fun and unique.

According to the renowned Fortnite content leaker “Lucas7yoshi” he was successful in finding a 3D model and few audio files associated with a new game that might be introduced in upcoming season 6 or latest update.

This new weapon is anticipated to be named “Athena”, and it could be a Suppressed Sniper Rifle. It is considered that this new weapon may create a new set of category as there are no other guns with Suppressor attachment.

Introduction of such weapon can indeed create an entirely new interaction mechanism as a player with Suppressed Sniper can camp around and target enemies more than 200 meters away without even disclosing their location.

This weapon can prove to be a game changer as it gives players more chance of hunting the enemies from the sidelines and does not create a need to indulge in close combat.

Although Epic Games have no precise release date for this exciting new weapon, still it is confirmed that this latest weapon will indeed make a grand entry in the near future. What is to be seen is how it affects the pro players and streamers as their review on this new weapon is yet to be seen.

If you are new to Fortnite or a veteran, then you may not know, that Fortnite is continuously bringing new content and balance changes for better gameplay.

But as various freshly introduced weapons like Infinity Blade or Smoke grenade were knocked out of the game due to irregular and imbalanced in-game interactions.

So it becomes quite crucial for developers at Epic Games to create a proper interface to include such a dynamic weapon. Hopefully, this weapon won’t face the destiny similar to that of the Infinity Blade.

It is yet to be seen that when this new Suppressed Sniper makes its debut in the game but it is confirmed that Suppressed Sniper will be included for the player to battle with. Hopefully, Fortnite includes more of such content to make the veterans and old gamers still interested in the game.

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