How to Disable Image Preview in Twitter

If you wish to disable image preview on Twitter, then you can do this procedure in both the Android and iPhone. You cannot remove media previews by going to the official site of Twitter. Here’s how to disable image preview on Twitter. Steps to Disable Image Preview on Mobile •    Go to the Twitter application. Read more about How to Disable Image Preview in Twitter[…]

How and Why to teach Cyber Security in Schools?

Cyber predation on kids is so common these days that preparing the young ones to deal with it, is definitely the number 1 priority for both schools and authorities. While we focus on teaching students about computer and its advantages, we somehow skip teaching them all the harms that can be caused by the exposure Read more about How and Why to teach Cyber Security in Schools?[…]

Fortnite: Suppressed Sniper Rifle Confirmed

Fortnite is turning out to be one of the most famous games around the globe. It has been recently picking up a trend of introducing weekly challenge series which requires players to complete the daily task to receive one time reward. But with increasing demand and introduction of a vast new user base since New Read more about Fortnite: Suppressed Sniper Rifle Confirmed[…]

The Faster Way to Install Xbox One Games

The present generation of video consoles has garnered a lot of popularity. The two leading consoles are PlayStation and Xbox. While Sony’s PS4 boasted of a larger sales record across the world as compared to the Xbox One. Because of amazing deals and games, Xbox One has also risen in popularity. No matter which console Read more about The Faster Way to Install Xbox One Games[…]

Steps to Download and Play Fortnite on Mobile

Recently, Fortnite is introduced on mobile including with both the iOS and Android versions. It is the most played games across the world both out of beta, and many players and champions already jumped in to try it out. Luckily, the cartoonish art style of Fortnight’s lets it downscale easily to smartphone screens. So it’s Read more about Steps to Download and Play Fortnite on Mobile[…]

Fix: VLC Does Not Support UNDF Format Error

Nowadays, most of us are using the VLC Media Player, as it is the best media player for Windows users who play all the major file formats. Still, there are few formats which VLC can’t run and from all one of them is UNDF format. The UNDF refers to the term undefined file format that Read more about Fix: VLC Does Not Support UNDF Format Error[…]

How to Alter the Font in iPhone

Not everybody is satisfied with the Phone’s default text size. For some, the text may be too big, and others may find it too small to be legible. Whatever the case may be, Apple allows iPhone users to increase or decrease the size of fonts. Moreover, users can also bold or unbold the iOS font. Read more about How to Alter the Font in iPhone[…]

How to Find Missing or Invisible Clock in Windows 10

With Windows 10 updates, some of the users have reported that the clock in the system has gone missing and they do not know how to find it. The incompatibility of the older and newer software components is a significant reason behind the problem. But the problem of missing or invisible clock in Windows 10 Read more about How to Find Missing or Invisible Clock in Windows 10[…]

How to Clear MacBook Pro

Personal Computer like MacBook Pro is designed to work well. But it is also true that the best things even break down and doesn’t bring the desired results. Mac systems also face problems with virus invasion or corrupt files in the Operating System. In that case, the system needs a hard reset, or in the Read more about How to Clear MacBook Pro[…]

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