Ways to Hackproof your Family’s Smartphones

Smartphones have changed the face of parenting. It has given a new dimension to everything now. All the information about all the topics is usually available on the internet. YouTube can make your children learn alphabets very quickly now. Along with the efficiency, comes the risk of hacking. Hackers love to hack smartphones because they Read more about Ways to Hackproof your Family’s Smartphones[…]

How To Turn Off Location Tracking In Facebook On iPhone And iPad?

Your location tracking can be a series of logs that are made by your Facebook app by analyzing various moments. If you are looking forward to disabling the entire Facebook location tracking ability to the ground, do it by turning off the location tracking for the Facebook app. Also, if you are one of those Read more about How To Turn Off Location Tracking In Facebook On iPhone And iPad?[…]

How to Toggle Between Apple Maps and Google Maps on iOS

Windows versus Apple, iOS versus Android – these fights between major corporations will continue for decades as it has been in the past. The one to emerge victorious in such a situation is the consumer, who not only has a variety of options to choose from but also premium services thrust upon them in an Read more about How to Toggle Between Apple Maps and Google Maps on iOS[…]

How to use FaceTime on Mac OS X

FaceTime is an application developed by Apple for iThings. It offers real-time voice over internet protocol on mobile devices and Mac. FaceTime has been specially built for Apple devices. Thus it integrates seamlessly with iPhones, iPads, Macs, etc. You can connect with people from across the world and conduct video conferences. ┬áIf you have a Read more about How to use FaceTime on Mac OS X[…]

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